The Red Light Relaxation

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Want to chill with a lady and don’t know anyone in the state, look no further than Red Light Relaxation, one of the most famous Asian Brothel. It is based on 1/44 in Winterton Road in the Clayton Area, Melbourne of the great state of Victoria. Here at Clayton Road, one can get a lot by paying a good price for a lot of things. It is the most famous Asian brothel in all of Australia. The girls are all exotic and the rates are very affordable.


They are known to add new girls every day so that people who visit the place never get bored with the old inventory. Although no one gets bored as different packs fit almost all the pockets. If you don’t have much money you can choose the one that suits you. But if you are loaded then you are practically in the land of pleasure and choose any girl and any pack that you want. The most popular pack that they have is the Girlfriend Experience.


People who have chosen this pack have traveled long distances to experience the pleasure again and again. If you like Asian women, we have a variety of them from prominent countries like India, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines, and many more. All of them are ready to do anything at your command, no matter what it is, they will satisfy your every need and give you the girlfriend experience.


This brothel is a licensed one and everyone who visits these places isn’t breaking any kind of law. The services provided by the girls here are legal and the girls who work here are not forced to do anything they don’t want. The girls are regularly checked for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and are very hygienic when it comes to their health. We advise our customers to have safe sex. This is strictly a legal and clean place for the entertainment business.


Red Light Relaxation was established in 2008 as an Asian Brothel, they accept different kinds of payment methods. They have payment terminals in their reception area, where you can pay electronically using your card. There’s also an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) nearby if you like to pay by cash. The price depends on the duration and the package you are going to choose. They have a range of 100 dollars to 440 dollars, and one can choose anyone that they are comfortable with from all the girls in the inventory.


Our brothel have different amenities that can help you relax, like three lounges with movie facilities. The sheets used for the bed are customised according to the customer. Everything that you use in the personal room provided by them will have clean equipment. From the linen to the bath towel, everything is thoroughly washed and ironed. Each room has its joint luxurious bathroom that can shame the bathrooms of the five-seven-star hotels of Melbourne.


The only record of you visiting the place is when you pay electronically and the security cameras that are placed in the building’s entrances and reception. We also have secure off-street parking. Other than that, total anonymity is maintained and your privacy is protected. If you are interested in Red Light Relaxation, please feel free to visit our website or contact us to make a private appointment.